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Please use this form to register to compete in a Cincy E-Leagues league.  Please make sure the information you are entering is correct.  If the email address or gamer id is not correct, the league and your opponent will not be able to contact!  After you have completed registration, you will be re-directed to our online Liability Waiver form.  This form MUST be filled out once a calendar year in order for you or your child to compete in our league.  Also, please note that you will be sent an email confirming your registration.  When registration is complete, we will email you a link for online payment on our Square site.

Please indicate if you are a parent or a player
enter your first name
enter your last name
choose the league you'd like to play in (please note you can register for multiple leagues by returning to the registration form)
please choose the e-game and format for which you are registering
you must choose XBox or PS4 for Madden NFL 20 or NBA 2K20
please enter a name for your team (please avoid offensive names or the league will name your team for you)
enter the first name of the player (you or your child)
enter the last name of the player (you or your child)
please enter the gamer id for you or your child (this is their gamertag or user id on their gaming console or PC)
enter an email address (this is used to communicate information to you OR your player about league games and tournaments)
optionally enter your cell phone number (i.e. format 513-555-1212) this is for league use only
please enter the current school grade for your player (if summer, use grade for upcoming school year)
Please specify the school your player attends (choose "Other" if not listed). If summer, choose school for the upcoming school year.
please enter this player's gaming console id (i.e. gamertag, ps4 id, etc ...)
add your teammates for multi-player games (i.e. Rocket League 2v2 add one teammate and Fortnite Squads add 3 teammates)
Please check the box if you are a new player and were referred to our league by an existing league player
please enter of the name of the player who referred you to our league (they may be eligible for up to $5 off their league registration)
would you like to register for another league or register another player?