Changes to League Format [1]

Thank you to everyone that participated in our first ever e-league! Based on your feedback, we will be changing up the format slightly for our next league offering which will be this winter. Here is a list of changes that will take place:

  1. Leagues will be for 5th-12th graders (2020-21 school year)
  2. If at all possible, per title, we will have a division for 5th-8th graders and a high school division.
  3. All games for 5th-8th graders will be scheduled to avoid all of the back and forth between players and parents that occurred in our spring season.  If a player absolutely cannot play as scheduled, they can reach out to their opponent and attempt to reschedule the game.  Most games will be scheduled in the evening (7pm for 5th-8th and 8pm for high school).
  4. The season will be shortened by one week.  The regular season will take place over a 3 week period (3 games per week) and will be followed by a single elimination tournament in week four for most titles.  If we are able to offer Fortnite, the format will be a bit different (see next bullet point).
  5. We are working on providing better documentation for those who are not as famliar with how to find new opponents on their game console.
  6. We will be offering a referral discount program.  For each new player you refer, you will receive $5 off your league fee up to one free registration.  Your referrals must pay before you will be given the coupon code for your referrals.
  7. Our plan for the next league will be to offer Madden NFL 20, NBA 2K20, Rocket League (2v2), and possibly a few more titles.